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We offer comprehensive freight services, ensuring seamless and efficient transportation solutions for all your logistical needs.

Heavy Lift and Oversize Cargo

The DONO Freight Project team boasts extensive experience spanning many years, actively participating in diverse turnkey projects within the region. With a wealth of knowledge, DONO Freight is well-equipped to facilitate the seamless transportation of project cargo, whether it involves heavy lift or oversized items. The company manages the entire process, from the ex-works stage at the manufacturer to the final delivery at the project site or placement onto a foundation basis. DONO Freight exclusively engages with reputable and dependable carriers with specialized expertise in project cargo, particularly for heavy lift, while opting for regular carriers when dealing with containerized cargo.

In their dealings and contractual agreements, DONO Freight prioritizes collaboration with carriers known for their reliability and expertise in handling project cargo. This ensures that heavy lift operations are entrusted to carriers with proven capabilities, while containerized cargo is managed by carriers known for their consistency and efficiency. The strategic selection of carriers tailored to the specific demands of each cargo type underscores DONO Freight's commitment to delivering reliable and high-quality project logistics services.

Multimode Transportation

Dubai's strategic positioning as a regional hub empowers DONO Freight to provide versatile multimodal transportation options connecting various global destinations. Our dedicated handling system ensures swift onward connections, enhancing the efficiency of multimode transportation.
This approach combines the economic benefits of ocean freight with the speed of air freight, allowing our customers to capitalize on our robust capabilities in both air and ocean freight. Real-time visibility throughout the entire door-to-door process adds an extra layer of advantage.
DONO Freight specializes in a range of multimode transportation solutions, including Sea/Air, Sea/Land, Air/Sea, and Air/Land, offering flexibility and tailored logistics for diverse shipping needs.

Ship & Air Craft Chartering

DONO Freight excels in the procurement of vessels and aircraft to accommodate substantial cargo volumes, leveraging established connections with reputable owners, brokers, and operators providing specialized services. The company's strength lies in its dedicated team of professionally qualified staff equipped with extensive local knowledge concerning all ports in the Middle East. This expertise ensures seamless and efficient handling of logistics operations, guaranteeing that each step in the process is executed with precision and in accordance with the specific requirements of the region.

Through its robust network of contacts, DONO Freight secures access to a wide range of transportation options, including ships and aircraft, enabling the smooth facilitation of large-scale cargo movements. The company's emphasis on maintaining strong relationships with reputed industry players reflects its commitment to delivering top-notch logistics solutions. Additionally, the professional qualifications of its staff, coupled with their in-depth understanding of local nuances, contribute to DONO Freight's ability to navigate the complexities of Middle Eastern ports, thereby enhancing the overall reliability and effectiveness of its cargo transportation services.

Warehousing & Distribution

At present, DONO Freight has opted to outsource its 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) services. However, as part of the second stage of its development program, the company is strategically planning to establish its own facilities. During this phase, DONO Freight intends to identify and collaborate with dependable partners capable of providing comprehensive solutions. These solutions encompass various aspects, such as open storage, ambient storage, and temperature-controlled storage facilities. The company is committed to ensuring seamless logistics operations, encompassing services like inventory management, value-added services, as well as labeling and bar-coding. Moreover, DONO Freight plans to leverage its in-house IT infrastructure and human resources to further enhance the efficiency and reliability of its logistics services.

The transition to owning facilities during the second stage of the development program underscores DONO Freight's long-term vision for self-sufficiency and control over its logistics operations. By sourcing reliable partners that align with its strategic objectives, the company aims to create a robust logistics ecosystem that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its clients. The incorporation of cutting-edge technology and dedicated human resources emphasizes DONO Freight's commitment to providing comprehensive and high-quality logistics solutions.

Removals Relocations

DONO Freight International specializes in the seamless shifting and relocation of both residential homes and commercial establishments, offering a comprehensive range of services to meet diverse customer needs. The company's commitment to excellence is evident in its end-to-end solutions, encompassing the meticulous dismantling, expert packing, temporary storage, efficient fixing, and secure transportation of goods. DONO Freight International goes beyond conventional relocation services by extending its expertise to industrial and special packing, ensuring the safe and reliable transportation of goods by air, sea, or land.

What sets DONO Freight International apart is its exclusive in-house arrangements with seasoned professionals, ensuring that every step of the shifting and relocation process is executed with precision and care. This strategic approach not only enhances the reliability of their services but also allows for a tailored and personalized experience for clients. Whether it's a residential move or a complex commercial relocation, DONO Freight International's commitment to quality and its network of skilled professionals make it a trusted partner for those seeking efficient and stress-free shifting and relocation solutions.

Exhibition Services

DONO Freight International excels in providing comprehensive services for exhibits and support materials, offering a seamless solution from the point of origin to the final destination. The company takes charge of the entire logistical process, including local customs and administrative clearances, ensuring a hassle-free experience for clients. Notably, DONO Freight International goes beyond conventional services by offering on-site assembly during events, providing crucial logistical support throughout the duration of the exhibition, and facilitating warehousing as needed.

One of the distinct advantages of choosing DONO Freight is its expertise in managing customs-related issues. The company takes care of all necessary paperwork for export, simplifying the often complex and time-consuming customs processes. This end-to-end service ensures that clients can focus on the success of their events without being burdened by logistical and bureaucratic challenges. Whether it's exhibition materials or support items, DONO Freight International's commitment to efficiency and reliability makes it a trusted partner for those seeking a comprehensive and expertly managed solution for their exhibit logistics.

Specialized Packing

DONO Freight International specializes in industrial packing services, preparing both large and small shipments for transportation by air, sea, or land. With a dedicated team boasting hands-on experience, the company ensures meticulous and secure packing to safeguard goods during transit. Recognizing the diverse needs of clients, DONO Freight offers the flexibility of conducting packing either at the customer's site or within its own well-equipped warehouses.

The industrial packing services provided by DONO Freight are designed to meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency. The company's experienced team employs industry-best practices to handle a variety of goods, ensuring that they are well-protected for the rigors of transportation. Whether it's fragile equipment, heavy machinery, or sensitive materials, DONO Freight International's commitment to excellence in industrial packing makes it a reliable choice for businesses seeking a trusted partner to prepare and secure their shipments for smooth and secure transportation across air, sea, or land.

Customs Brokerage

DONO Freight's commitment to seamless international logistics is evident through its registration with customs authorities, leveraging the latest IT solutions for efficient processing of all customs-related documents. The company ensures a streamlined and technologically advanced approach to customs clearance, enhancing accuracy and speed in the clearance process.

The dedication to providing excellent customs services extends to the presence of dedicated border customs brokers at all land customs points. These professionals are strategically placed to handle both inbound and outbound shipments, offering expertise and assistance throughout the customs clearance procedures. DONO Freight's emphasis on having knowledgeable professionals on-site underscores its commitment to facilitating the smooth movement of goods across borders, minimizing delays, and ensuring compliance with customs regulations.

By combining technology-driven solutions with experienced customs brokers, DONO Freight International positions itself as a reliable partner for businesses seeking efficient and compliant customs clearance services for their inbound and outbound shipments.

Logistics Support Services

DONO Freight International has carved a niche in the logistics industry by offering specialized services tailored for the Power Sector. With a focus on handling transformers, cable drums, RMUs, and related equipment, the company provides end-to-end solutions. This includes customs clearance, inland haulage, grounding, destuffing and reloading containers, and final delivery with precise placement at locations designated by the receiver. DONO Freight's commitment is underscored by its tailor-made handling procedures specifically designed to address the unique challenges associated with transporting critical equipment in the Power Sector, earning appreciation and trust from its customers.

In addition to its physical logistics expertise, DONO Freight International also plays a crucial role in document support. The company ensures the issuance and attestation or legalization of shipping invoices, demonstrating its dedication to compliance and the seamless flow of paperwork throughout the transportation process. Through this comprehensive approach, DONO Freight International emerges as a reliable and valued partner for businesses in the Power Sector, offering specialized solutions that prioritize efficiency, precision, and customer satisfaction.

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